BTS Jin has a new nickname: “it’s-him-again guy (또얘남)”

Oh boy, it’s him again… guy. 😉

BTS’s Jin is known to have some famous nicknames due to his quirky and fun behavior not matching his handsome face. He was regarded as ‘The third guy from the left’ and ‘Car door guy’ to international fans, due to his good looks, but ARMY just gave Jin another nickname representing his silliness. Jin’s new nickname “It’s-him-again guy” or 또얘남 (ddo-yeh-nam) came about in response to video of him at the recent 2018 Golden Disk Awards.

In the clip, Solo singer Hwang Chi Yeol can be seen standing alone and clapping—looking a bit awkward—as others danced around.

When BTS returned to their seats right behind Hwang Chi Yeol, Jin could be seen dancing the night away in excitement.

When Jin spotted Hwang Chi Yeol standing alone, he decided to come down and keep him company.

Jin came down a step and started dancing with Hwang Chi Yeol, making the other BTS members howl, and exchanged warm greetings with Hwang Chi Yeol. It also looked like they were complimenting each other, as Jin can be seen quite honored and bowing at the end to show proper respect to the compliment.

Fans are commenting on his friendly personality and silliness, saying that this is not the first time Jin has been in the spotlight for being funny and silly with people around him.

“OMG.This proves why I am falling for ‘It’s Him Again guy’ all over again!”

— A Fan from Pann

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Pann