BTS’s Jin Once Revealed Which Member Listens To Him The Least

There’s one member who was on Jin’s mind.

The BTS members sure do love teasing each other, as there have been many moments where they’ve shown off their playful personalities.

One member who seems to get teased quite a bit is their eldest member, Jin. Sometimes, the members show their playfulness by “ignoring” Jin.

During an interview, Jin was asked which member listens to him the most, as well as the member who listens to him the least.

Jin answered heartwarmingly when he said that all the members listen to him well.


However, if he had to pick one member who listened to him the least, it would be the maknae (youngest), Jungkook.


Jin explained that ever since Jungkook became an adult and started growing muscles, he started to listen to him less.


However, Jungkook refuted Jin’s claim by stating that he listens to his words quite well.


Here’s the full video below!