BTS’s Jin Tried This Painful Home Remedy On Vacation

This home remedy isn’t for the squeamish.

Have you ever looked up the side effects for medication and thought, “I’m better off being sick”BTS‘s Jin found out, firsthand, that some cures are worse than the disease!


On September 14, Jin went live with fans to share stories about his month-long break. One of these stories was about a visit to his grandfather’s bee farm.


While visiting, Jin’s grandfather advised him to try bee sting therapy to help his sore wrist. Many people would rather have an ache than a sting, but Jin decided to try it.


At first, Jin experienced no side effects at all…


…that soon changed.


For days, Jin’s hand swelled to the point where he couldn’t clench it at all.


Eventually, the swelling went down and it all worked out in the end.


Even so, Jin doesn’t sound like he’ll be getting any more bee therapy in the future!