BTS Doesn’t Share Their Dress Code — And One Member Always Sticks Out

Did you notice this?

The members of BTS each have their own unique styles when it comes to casual fashion. From sporty and cool to chic and polished, it’s easy to see the differences in their aesthetic tastes just by looking at their outfits.

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Because of this, when the seven members appear together, they often look very different from each other. Not only do they fail to share their dress code with each other, they also consistently have one member who stands out.

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If you guessed Jin, then you’re right!

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Referred to as BTS’s “pastel color manager,” it’s easy to spot him in shades of pastel pink and blue while the rest of the members usually gravitate towards black or neutral colors.

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He sticks out like a sore thumb — in the best way!

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Whether the members are at dance practice…

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…at the airport…

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…or at personal events, it’s clear that they don’t share their dress code (at least with Jin)!

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Also called “Pink Prince Jin,” his vibrant and bubbly aesthetic is one-of-a-kind.

Can you spot him during dance practice?

The pink witch who controls BTS appears

— OP

How about at the airport?

Jin’s fashion sense makes him human cotton candy — and we’re living for it!

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