BTS Jin’s Rose Stirred Up Jealousy On “Britain’s Got Talent”

ARMYs can all relate to Ant’s reaction.

“Funky Rose Throwing Man” won some hearts and broke others on Britain’s Got Talent. 


Dressed in pastel suits and armed with charm, BTS captivated thousands of viewers with their colorful “Boy With Luv” stage. It was BTS’s first time performing live on UK television, but fans hope it won’t be the last!


Jin, in particular, left an impression on the hosts. At the end of the performance, Jin walked up to Declan Donnelly and handed him his signature red rose. Ant McPartlin was not impressed.


“I wanted the rose!” he complained. Declan Donnelly smugly flicked his head, then he tucked the rose into his jacket.


ARMYs can totally relate to Ant McPartlin because they wanted Jin’s rose too!


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