BTS’s Jin Will Go To Great Lengths To Prevent This From Showing On Camera

It’s an uphill battle but Jin won’t let it happen!

Mr. Worldwide Handsome will never pass on an opportunity to share his stunning face, but there is one part of him that he’s willing to hide forever!


BTS‘s Jin was having a splendid time with his fans when ARMY noticed something about his shirt.


They began woo-ing and ahh-ing because the top part of his shirt was see-through!


Jin just having realized for the first time that he was showing some skin, did everything he could to cover it up!


He began to laugh with nervousness as he continued to keep his shirt held up high to cover his skin! As ARMYs well know, Jin is never the one to flaunt some skin in front of the camera!


Just how far will Jin go? Their stylist actually dressed him in a shirt that showed a part of his right shoulder.


As soon as their performance ended, Jin couldn’t help but be preoccupied by his “revealing” shoulder!


He eventually couldn’t take it anymore and lifted the sleeve up to cover it up!


And so he disregarded the stylists’ fashion sense and created his own shirt!


But much to the stylists’ and fans’ joy, that shirt refused to stay up!


Jin scrambling to cover his “revealing skin” happens more than enough time for fans to laugh over. His coverup once fell over his skin for barely a second before Jin quickly put it back in place!


And those ripped jeans he loves to wear? He’ll cover up the holes whenever a camera is directed his way!


It’s too bad as everyone knows that Jin’s got a physique that’s as worldwide handsome as his face!


Although Jin refuses to shed even a tiny sliver of skin, it’s all okay since his gorgeous face is more than enough!

Source: Nate Pann