BTS Jin’s Shoulders Are So Wide They Could Be Used As Weapons

Jimin accidentally became his first target.

Although BTS‘s Jin has earned his Worldwide Handsome title, there’s another thing he’s just as famous for. No one can beat him when it comes to his broad shoulders.

In the group’s latest Bangtan Bomb, he found out they’re for more than just looks. They could double as weapons.

In the middle of their photoshoot, they were figuring out what pose was next, finding out they’d be running towards the camera. Jimin even demonstrated the starting position to make sure. Even so, the chaos of BTS can’t be planned for.

As they ran toward the camera altogether, Jin’s shoulder collided with the side of Jimin’s head. The impact had Jimin instantly making a pained sound and reaching for his face.

When Jin saw Jimin cradling his face, he’d realized what happened. He explained, “Someone pushed me suddenly.”

Playing it back, it seemed like Jin had lost his balance and fell into Jimin. Jungkook‘s hold on Suga could’ve caused it as well, pushing him just a little from the weight.

Either way, Jin knew precisely what to do. Reaching out to comfort Jimin, who was still holding onto his head, he stated, “Jimin, I’m sorry.”

Who knew Jin’s shoulders could pack such a punch? It looks like he’s just too strong for his own good.

Watch Jin’s shoulder become a weapon by accidentally attacking Jimin here.