Netizens LOL At BTS’s Introvert Jin Before And After Entering J-Hope’s Listening Party

Shy people can totally relate! 😂

BTS‘s Jin was a mood for all introverts when he attended J-Hope’s Jack in the Box listening party. Before entering, Jin spent time in his comfort zone: With his fellow BTS members!

Nervous for the party ahead where he would be meeting many new faces and various celebrities, Jin decided to go just to support J-Hope and his new album release. What a true friend!

When the party began, his weary expression was a mood for all introverts in social situations.

After listening to J-Hope’s music, Jin didn’t stick around for the drinking and dancing.

Instead, he quickly said his goodbyes and was on his way out!

His pleased expression on the way to the exit is priceless!

Right when he left, Jin was quick to resume his homebody activities and played some video games.

I’ve been gaming since the moment I made it out of [the party] after listening to all of J-hope’s songs
It’s healing my heart

— Jin

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Source: theqoo