Sleeveless Jin Is A Whole Meal And ARMYs Are Craving It

Sleeveless Jin made a comeback in a recent video.

Feast your eyes, ARMY. Sleeveless Jin isn’t just a snacc; he’s a whole meal!


When it comes to showing skin, Jin is one of BTS’s most modest members. Although Jin has had a few revealing wardrobe malfunctions…


…he usually doesn’t usually show off his body on purpose.


In the past, Jin wore sleeveless shirts more often than he does now. These days, fans rarely get to see his toned arms and shoulders, so many Jin stans are (understandably) freaking out over a recent Bangtan Bomb.


In the video, BTS thank ARMY for their support after their last “IDOL” stage on Ingigayo. During the performance, Jin had been wearing an unbuttoned, long sleeve shirt over his sleeveless one…


…but he took it off backstage.


Jin stans may have trouble focusing on what BTS is saying, because seeing Jin’s Worldwide Handsome shoulders, biceps, and collarbone all at once is just too much!


See the whole video here.