BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Exposed Himself As RM’s Biggest Fanboy

Fans can’t stop laughing at Jungkook’s hilarious “mistake”.

BTS‘s Jungkook made a hilarious blunder that has exposed his love for RM to millions of ARMYs.

It’s no secret that Jungkook is RM’s biggest fan. He has cited RM has one of his main reasons for signing with Big Hit Entertainment, and he has shown his admiration for RM many times in the past through his words and actions.

In February 2019, Jungkook couldn’t help telling RM that he was “cool” when BTS went up on stage to accept an award at the 2019 EDaily Culture Awards.

Jungkook showed love for RM again, when fans were least expecting it. On March 22, 2019, this tweet…

…featuring RM fanart, was retweeted (then quickly unretweeted) by BTS’s personal Twitter account.

Since the retweeting happened just before Jungkook tweeted out his own art, fans believe he was the one who made the cute “mistake”.

Now ARMYs are doing what they do best: memeing it up! Some fans have jokingly said that Jungkook forgot to switch to his fan account before retweeting the art, and others are wondering if he has been hiding in plain sight all along!

Check out Jungkook’s own fantastic artwork below: