Jungkook Made One Lucky Fan’s Day At BTS’s Singapore Concert

Jungkook went out of his way to help out his fan, and she’ll never forget it.

BTS‘s Jungkook never fails to impress fans with his small acts of kindness, and this one has made a lot of ARMYs envious.


On January 19, BTS brought their Love Yourself world tour to Singapore, where then put on an incredible show full of memorable moments. One of these moments wasn’t planned, and it has left one lucky fan feeling totally “Jungshook”.


Twitter user @jungkookreally was live streaming BTS’s performance from the front row. When the members stepped down into the floor area to greet ARMY, this excited Jungkook stan accidentally dropped her phone over the safety barrier.


As soon as Jungkook noticed, he personally scooped up her phone and handed it back to her with the sweetest smile.


The fan posted about her experience on Twitter. She couldn’t stop crying or shaking!


ARMYs have congratulated her on her special moment and have thanked her for live streaming the show. They’ve also advised her to cherish her phone, always.