BTS Jungkook’s Kind Personality Gains Spotlight – 3 Moments To Make You Swoon

How does one not fall for him?

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for many things, from his visuals to his unparalleled talent. However, his personality is also one of the best in the industry! Here’s 3 moments to prove it.

1. When he bought RM a secret gift

RM revealed that there’s a clothing store he frequents. One day, he called in to put some items on hold while promising to purchase them the next time he had some spare time.

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However, a few days later, he found a shopping bag from the store sitting on his bed in the dorms! Later on, he realized that it was Jungkook who had gone down specially to purchase the items for him as a gift. As Jungkook did not tell him or make it obvious, RM was especially touched that Jungkook had paid silent attention to him all this while.

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2. When he carried the staff’s bag

Makeup artists always have to carry around their whole load of products just in case. Jungkook set hearts aflutter when fans realized that he was carrying the staff’s load for them in addition to his own backpack.

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3. V’s opinion of Jungkook

Who better to give an opinion than the members themselves? V praised the maknae for three specific things. Firstly, Jungkook does not blame others when things happens neither does he make himself the victim. Secondly, he does what he has to silently and passionately! Lastly, he always helps others around him when they are having it hard.

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It’s like he’s an angel on earth! All hail the golden maknae!

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