BTS Jungkook’s Birthday Speeches Just Might Be Prophetic … Even His Birth Dream Was Special

First the Bilboards, now the Grammy’s?

Back in 2016, on his 20th birthday, BTS‘s Jungkook gave a very special answer in a speech. When asked for the age he was looking forward to the most, Jungkook replied that he was anticipating turning 24. He was curious about what he would be doing then.

Well, fast forward 4 years later and we have our answer! BTS hit their first No. 1 on the Billboard “Hot 100″ with “Dynamite”, right on Jungkook’s 24th (Korean age) birthday.

| theqoo

On his 24th birthday, during a live stream, Jungkook also mentioned that the age he was looking forward to next was his 25th birthday! Interestingly, BTS has just been nominated for the GRAMMYs that will take place in January 2021, the year Jungkook turns 25 in Korean age!

Looks like his words for every birthday are prophetic! Not only that, Jungkook’s taemong, the birthing dream his mother had while pregnant with him, was a very special one too. According to Jungkook, she dreamt of rain that fell upon a village. Wherever the rain fell, it turned to gold. Befitting of the golden maknae!

What a blessed fate! Congratulations to BTS once again.

Source: theqoo