Jungkook Naruto-Ran To RM, Just To Give Him The Hug He Needed

Fancams captured this “friendship goals” moment at BTS’s final Speak Yourself concert.

When BTS‘s leader needs a hug, you can bet that Jungkook will deliver it — at lightspeed!


On October 26, 27, and 29, BTS held their final Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts in Seoul. The show was full of emotional and memorable moments, like J-Hope‘s heroicsJimin and Jungkook‘s back hug, and V‘s fallen angel aesthetic.


RM doesn’t cry too often, but he became overwhelmed with emotion during his Ending Ment speech.


Once RM started crying, he couldn’t stop. As the finale song, “Mikrokosmos”, played, tears streamed down his face.


Jungkook to the rescue! He ran Naruto-style to RM and gave him the sweetest hug.


In return, RM gave Jungkook a “thank you” hug back, then went on with the show!