“Jungkook x Slate” Might Be The Best BTS Ship Ever

This G.C.F. filmmaker met his perfect match on set.

BTS‘s Jungkook may have found his one true love: this clapperboard.


From directing to editing, G.C.F’s Jungkook is passionate about the whole filmmaking process. So, the latest episode of Run BTS! was practically made for him.


In Episode 74, the members transformed into actors to film scenes for their very own K-Drama. Before shooting began, BTS played the ladder game to choose additional staff roles such as mental care stylist, director, and snack prepper. Jungkook was delighted to get “slate”.


He seemed more excited about being the “slate guy” than acting. As soon as filming was about to begin, he hurried over to get his slate…


…and made sure all the cameras could see it.


Jungkook’s legs bounced with excitement as he urged his members to hurry up, so he could do his job.


When the time came to snap the slate for the first time, he couldn’t have been happier!


These actors couldn’t control their giggle fits, so the Slate Guy had his work cut out for him.


The members felt that they should stop creating so many NGs because it made Jungkook have to work more…


…but he didn’t seem to mind…