BTS’s Jungkook Proves He’s Good At Everything With His Talent For A Particular Role…And It’s Not Singing, Rap Or Dancing

How to be him.

Okay so, BTS‘s Jungkook is certified good at everything. From dance…

…to singing…

to his visuals.

However, he also has been unofficially given this role on stage due to his unique voice. His natural voice can go low and scratchy, as well as clean and higher pitched. Paired with his ability to project his voice, he often takes charge of adlibs on stage. We’re not talking about singing adlibs, such as where V belts out the high notes. Rather, Jungkook often adds in sounds such as “hey” or “ho” in between verses.

This can be observed in “MIC Drop” the most. Not only can he effortlessly adlib in count with the beats, he also pulls of the choreography flawlessly at the same time.

He also was in charge of doing the adlibs for RM‘s rap. Jungkook doubles up on the end of each sentence.

One fan pointed out that even though all he was doing is the adlibs, everyone in the audience was staring at him.

No wonder he was given the iconic “Chong, jojun, balsa” line in “Not Today”.

It’s easy for one to be distracting or appear like a try-hard with such adlibs, but Jungkook does all of them with ease and control. His adlibs added a layer of thickness to Suga‘s rap.

How does one be as talented as Jungkook?