BTS Effect: The Positive And Negative Of Love Yourself World Tour

What “BTS Effects” have influenced you?

As a fan, seeing your idol’s concert tickets sell out fast can make you feel proud, but it can also make it that much more difficult to get your hands on your own ticket. BTS concerts are no exception.

One negative effect of having concert tickets sell out so fast is that some people like to take advantage of fans’ dedication to make some money for themselves.

When there is high demand but low supply, prices tend to rise. Since this is the case for BTS’s concert tickets, some dishonest people exploit this by reselling BTS concert tickets online at ridiculous prices.

Paired with websites that abuse consumer psychology, some fans are vulnerable to purchasing tickets at 10 times the normal price.

This happened to one ARMY in Malaysia who wanted to see BTS perform in Thailand. She managed to buy a ticket off an online ticket reselling platform, but due to the website rushing her in case the ticket got sold to someone else, she failed to thoroughly check for additional costs, and ended up paying $2850 USD for a ticket that would normally cost $260 USD. The only option to get her money back was to resell the ticket.

She has warned fellow fans to take extra care when buying tickets via online reselling platforms.

But there are definitely a lot more positive effects!

For example, helping the Korean show market become more active.

Recently, one of the biggest Korean show ticketing website, Interpark, released their summary of 2018 ticket sales (1.1.2018~28.12.2018).

Under the concert category, BTS’s Love Yourself World Tour in Seoul topped the list with the most ticket sales. Fans from all over Korea and around the world who managed to get themselves a ticket made their way to Korea to see BTS start off their world tour in their home country.

The popularity of BTS helped Korean concert ticket sales in 2018 increase by 22% in comparison to 2017.

Not only that, studies have shown that concerts can help increase the feeling of well-being!

Studies Show Going To K-Pop Concerts Can Extend Your Life Up To 10 Years

ARMYs who have been fortunate enough to see BTS live at their own concert tell how much of a great time they had!

  • My biggest highlight of 2018 was getting a ga ticket to go see bts live in concert
  • It [BTS concert] was the BEST thing that happened to me this year. Best night of my life.
  • 2 and a half hours of pure happiness

Currently, BTS is completing the last leg of their Love Yourself World Tour. Tickets to the 11 concerts left in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand have all been sold out.

Source: Consumer News, CNB Journal and Sports Kyunghyang