BTS Makes A Funny Connection Between The “ON” MV And A Disney Movie

Did you notice it too?

It’s not confirmed yet whether or not it’s intentional, but BTS noticed a funny similarity in their music video for “ON” while filming their reaction video for YouTube.

In the music video, there’s a scene where the camera pans over a large wall and you can see a vast forest with a huge rock structure in the middle.  When the BTS members saw this for the first time, Jin made a comment that a lot of people were probably wondering: “Is that from The Lion King?

Sure enough, the stony protrusion looks very similar to Pride Rock from the beloved Disney movie, and the other members were quick to catch on to the similarity. “Simba?Suga asks with a laugh. “When they hold up Simba. Pride Rock.

Who knew BTS and Disney would come together like this! Intentional or not, it’s a funny coincidence, and the rest of the reaction video is equally entertaining to watch. See the moment in the video below around 4:40.