BTS Members Reveal Just How Important Jimin Is To The Group

Jimin is such an angel!

BTS’s Jimin, who is known to be someone who loves a sense of community and being together, plays an important role in the group.

Most recently, RM revealed on the KBS special Let’s BTS, that Jimin was someone who was “selfless by nature that cares for others and the team.”

While we’re on the topic, let’s take a look at what the other members think about Jimin!

Before going into a new world tour in 2018, they were asked who they would want to praise the most from their previous tour. Jin chose Jimin for always being positive even when they were tired.

I want to praise Jimin! At our previous tour, we were all really tired physically as well as various other reasons. It was Jimin that came to the members first and made us laugh and gave us strength even though he must have been tired too.

— Jin

During the 2019 FESTA, J-Hope revealed that Jimin loved hearing the words ‘I love you’.

What’s funny is that when Jimin says ‘I love you’, he wants me to say it back to him. I guess this is what makes him happy.

— J-Hope

During the 2014 FESTA, Suga mentioned that Jimin is the type to be liked by everyone.

He follows his hyungs well. He’s not the type to be disliked by anyone. He really puts in the effort to try and live hard.

— Suga

In the 2019 Japan fan club interview, V expresses what a sweet and caring person Jimin is.

To me, Jimin is my dearest best friend. Whenever I tell him my troubles, his responses always give me strength. We recently talked for two hours about producing songs. He is the warmest person I have ever met in my life.

— V

RM also added that he was very mature for his age.

Although he is younger than me, he is very mature. I guess you could say that mentally, he is very mature. I am always shocked at his word choices and the way he talks. He is very personable and I receive healing when I am with him. He really has the healing effect. I am always thankful to him for being by my side.

— RM

In the 2018 Summer Package, J-Hope also reveals just how mature Jimin is for his age.

Although he is younger than me, he really has the charisma of a hyung. He really has a big plate, and as big as that plate is, he can accommodate so much. Truthfully, his willingness was what I am most thankful for. He played a big role in relieving my stress.

— J-Hope

Golden maknae Jungkook also had lots to say about his hyung Jimin.

Our team atmosphere is great all because of you Jimin-ssi. Your attitude and heart towards our team is beautiful. Be healthy and let’s have a drink sometime!

— Jungkook

Netizens that saw this couldn’t agree more with the members!

  • “I hope that there are hundreds and thousands of people like Jimin by his side too.”
  • “He is such a cutie, I love him so much!”
  • “He has to be an angel!”
  • “He really tries to give a positive influence to those around him.”
Source: theqoo