BTS Clearly Knew Just How Good-Looking They Were While Taking These Photos

They looked crazy fine with their very straight faces.

BTS recently revealed additional teaser photos from their shoot for their new mini-album, “Map of the Soul: Persona”, and they look truly beautiful.

The photos show BTS wearing comfortable casual wear while flaunting natural yet unique poses in front of a wardrobe.


V and Jimin must have known that they look good even if they do nothing at all because they just sat there gracing their fans with their effortless beauty.

In contrast to these two, Jungkook decided to add a cute touch to his photo by framing his gorgeous face with his hand.

It appears that J-Hope wanted to add a touch of his own as well because he went for a cute pose with both index fingers poking his cheeks.

Unsurprisingly, Jin proved to be deserving of his “Worldwide Handsome” title once again by showing off his straight face with fists that made his pose more playful.

RM clearly didn’t have to do anything special thanks to his natural charisma, which shined through despite the closet door being half-closed in front of him.

And who can forget Suga and his naturally strong presence, since all he had to do was a small pointing gesture to make his photo crazy impactful?

Photos like these go to show that BTS is not only talented, but they have outstanding visuals that are blinding even when they pose with straight faces and minimal gestures.

Source: Insight