BTS Picks Three Moments That Left A Lasting Impression On Them Throughout Their Career

They’ve come a long way since their debut.

A recent interview regarding BTS’s new Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7~The Journey~, was released online as members expressed their thoughts about their careers, what the members mean to them, and what they hope for the future. Let’s take a look at their pick for moments that left a lasting impression on them.


Jin’s most memorable moments are all the times they did something for the first time.

If I were to choose a moment with the most lasting impression it would be when we won our first daesang and we all screamed together. The second moment would be when we went the Billboards for the first time. It was the first time being invited overseas and receiving an award so we were all really happy. Another moment is when we held our first concert. Suga always said that artists need to do concerts so it was great to finally be able to hold our own concert.


Although there are many great moments in BTS’s career, it’s always the first win or the first time that stays in our memory for a long time.

There are so many great moments I want to choose meaningful ones. One is when “I NEED YOU” had its first win. Our stadium tour is another one because I can remember the fireworks going off so clearly still. I want to say that any of our concerts is a great moment. Another one is the one where we performed “Fake Love”. Where was that? (Jimin: Billboard) Ah yes, that one.


V had a different take on his memorable moments as he remembers the time he cut his hair by accident before the filming of a music video.

Our most recent concert’s last performance of “Mikrokosmos” remains in my memory as a great moment. The second one is when we were all preparing for our “No More Dream” debut. The third is when I accidentally cut my hair during the “Danger” music video filming because I was actually really upset about it.

Here’s a clip of him cutting his hair for those that may not have seen it yet!

Suga seemed to be re-living that moment as he responded to V’s answer!

He wore a wig to cut his hair but ended up cutting his own hair.


What were your favorite and memorable moments of BTS so far?

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Source: theqoo