BTS Are So Playful In Their “Map Of The Soul: Persona” Jacket Shooting Video That It’s Adorable

They’re honestly a mess, but a cute mess.

BTS released a behind the scenes video of their photo shoot for “Map Of The Soul: Persona”, and it shows how extremely cute they can be.


V held his hand up to Suga‘s face in an attempt to get him to smile, but he wouldn’t budge. And, the result is still adorable because it shows how close their friendship is if Suga allows him to do it.

In their individual shots, J-Hope and RM tried to be serious. But, they have such playful personalities that they couldn’t keep straight faces and had to laugh.

Suga watched without a clue as to why J-Hope and V had both decided to move in slow motion like moving statues. Regardless, it was funny to see.

Jimin and Jin were told to face each other, and Jimin couldn’t help but laugh. Jin pointed Jimin out for ruining the shot. But the second time around, they both couldn’t control their laughter.

RM didn’t have anyone to make a heart with, so he settled with making half of one by himself. Jungkook watched as RM struggled and thought it was hilarious.

BTS have such playful personalities and it shows in their behind the scenes footage. Watch here to see more of their adorable shenanigans.