BTS Pretended Not To Know Each Other At 2019 GDA, Here’s Why

V came up with a plan to entertain the audience, and himself.

During award shows, the BTS members love to entertain their audience, and themselves, by being as extra as possible, and the 2019 Golden Disc Awards were no exception.

10 Things Only BTS Could Get Away With Doing At 2019 GDA


At this event, BTS pulled a number of amusing stunts, such as escorting Suga like a VIP…


…and dancing like nobody was watching (when thousands actually were!).


If there’s one particular behind the scenes highlight that fans can’t stop talking about, it’s this one. At one point, BTS was the only group sitting in their seating section. Rather than just killing time by chatting to each other, suggested they spread out and pretend not to know each other!


Once they were in their new seats, Jimin bowed to V as if V were his industry senior, and V cooly greeted him in return. Jimin also bowed to other members, who more or less ignored him.


Fans loved V’s plan so much that they can’t stop talking about it.


To see more, check out the clip here.