BTS Proves They’re Kings Of K-Pop With Old Albums Still Topping Charts

“It’s crazy to sell over 40,000 copies for a debut album years after its release.”

BTS is definitely one of the top selling artists in K-Pop, topping both digital and physical charts with each comeback.

As Gaon released August’s results for the most sold physical albums, ARMYS were quick to point out that BTS continued to dominate the chart.

Fourteen of their albums ranked in the Top 45, and even their debut album from 2013 “Dark & Wild” gained over 48,000 new sales.

Netizens were definitely impressed.

BTS is legendary. Each album last year sold over 200,000 copies.

– Korean Netizen

BTS is so freaking awesome. They sold a lot of old albums.

– Korean Netizen

Congratulations, BTS!