BTS Reveal Their Feelings After Performing At The BBMAs

The boys of BTS reveal their thoughts on being the first Korean artists to perform at the BBMAs!

After BTS made history by winning the “Top Social Artist” award at the BBMA’s for the second time, and finally performing on the prestigious stage, the members sat down with MBC‘s News Desk to share their thoughts!


Jimin revealed that he was still surprised at the fact that BTS was even invited to the BBMA’s.

“We were really shocked. We were unsure whether or not we were even allowed to sit there, and everything was so amazing” — Jimin


RM explained that the group felt the biggest sense of achievement in the fact that fans from all around the world understood their lyrics, despite being in Korean.

“We feel so proud when we see that our fans truly understand our words and our lyrics, even though it’s in Korean. Because it’s an era of new media, they (the fans) take the time to translate our lyrics and our words…” — RM


He also elaborated on what he felt was the key to BTS’s success.

“The fact that we stayed true to ourselves played the biggest part. We are artists who work hard on our music and performances, so we paid a lot of attention to our performances. Also, we didn’t neglect our communication with our fans…” — RM


Finally, Suga commented on BTS’s upcoming stadium tour in the U.S.

“I think that [a stadium tour] is something only a few artists can do. We are so close to achieving it. In such a short amount of time, it is close enough for us to achieve. It feels like our dreams are coming true…” — Suga


Check out a clip from the interview below: