BTS Reveal The Future Goals They Hope To Add To Their Historic Success

They have a couple of things they still want to achieve.

BTS has broken numerous records and has accomplished so much in their careers. However, the group still have things they want to achieve. During a recent episode of Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend, BTS was asked about their future goals, and Suga shared that they want to get nominated for a GRAMMY award and perform at the show.

Suga then hesitated to say that they would like to receive a GRAMMY award.

RM then took over and stated that they would like to win a GRAMMY award.

Another dream they now have is to have an offline concert. Due to COVID-19, K-Pop artists have been doing online concerts.

RM found it a little ironic that something they had all the time has become a dream now.

J-Hope concluded by expressing his wishes to have a concert with an audience once COVID-19 goes away.