BTS Share What Has Inspired Them Over The Past Few Months

It is very different from the past!

Whenever BTS releases a new song, there is always a message behind each track to resonate with their fans!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

In an interview for the Zach Sang Show, one of the hosts asked the group what they have been inspired by over the past few months.

Suga explained how, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had not been a time when the group could have many new and different experiences. The inspiration comes from somewhere closer to home.

He added that his aim was to “Try to find what are the things I’m thinking about and what are the things I can do right now.

Speaking about the pandemic’s impact, RM tried to look at things more positively and taught them as a group.

I think what this pandemic has given us is the moment to just stop and concentrate on the inside. It’s about what we have, what we cherished, and what is really important about our lives.

— BTS’s RM

Looking at everything happening across the world, RM explained that quarantine had given people a new outlook on life. It is the same for BTS as he points out that looking at your own lives is “the only inspiration we have now.”