BTS Reveals The Highly Unique Way They Keep Their Bodies So Athletic

Popular male group BTS is known for their athleticism, being able to pull off incredibly difficult choreography and perform well in athletic competitions. 

And while the Big Hit Entertainment group has been praised for being so athletic, many were shocked to discover that the boys really hate exercising. In fact, despite winning multiple awards at the Idol Star Athletic Championships, the group members claim that they never exercise at all and prefer just relaxing to reduce stress instead.

1. “I want to be born as a rock in my next life and just do nothing…”


2. Me too…I want to be born as grass ㅋㅋ


3. “Say no to excercise ㅋ”


4. “Our favorite thing to do is lie down ‘_’ “


5. “When we see our sunbaenims do some dance moves”
6. “There are moves that you know you can’t do unless you exercise regularly..”


7. ” Did I mention I want to be born a rock in my next life”


8. “I really want to do nothing…Really!..”