BTS’s RM Is Alive, But ARMY’s Not After His Update

This “report” left fans shook.

ARMY‘s ready for defibrillators and an extended stay at Bangtan Hospital (NOTE: Not a real place…unfortunately) after an update from RM!


It’s been less than two weeks since RM posted these selfies ahead of BTS‘s Saudi Arabia show, but for fans, days can feel more like eternity. So, it’s no surprise that RM’s latest selfie made a splash on Weverse.


On October 20, RM posted this casual photo of himself in the studio. His visuals? Flawless. His hair? Sleek and on fleek. His caption? Totally unexpected!


RM wrote, “I am alive,” which Weverse automatically translated to “survival report”. 생존 means “survival” and 신고 means “report or declaration”.


After seeing this, fans started giving their own survival reports, and the prognosis wasn’t good!


Nothing stops hearts quite like a visit from “President Namjoon”!