BTS’s RM Blatantly Broke The Rules And Sent ARMY Into Panic Mode

Fans weren’t the only ones playing the game.

Attention, ARMY! Abort mission. I repeat: abort mission!

| Samsung/Youtube

In the past, Netmarble released a game calledBTS Universe Story, where players could create their own episodes by casting BTS’s members, writing their dialogue, and setting the scenes.

In other words, fanfiction got an upgrade. Many of these humorous fan-written episodes were intended for ARMY’s eyes only, but RM didn’t get that memo!

Just after Big Hit Entertainment announced the cancellation of BTS’s concert, RM dropped by the Weverse app to do two things; break the rules and stress fans out. Sharing screenshots outside of the app is prohibited…

…but RM shared multiple screenshots of himself downloading and playing the game.

1.2 GB is a bit…

— RM

Seokjin-ah, did I tell you that I’m an expert at games??

— RM

Just knowing that RM was wandering around the game had players sweating, but one screenshot sent them into full-blown panic mode. It’s a list of episodes written by fans that were almost definitely not intended for BTS’s members to read. After all, writing about BTS and writing for BTS are two very different things!

Some players begged RM to avert his eyes from their, um, poetic license…

…others simply sat back and enjoyed the show…

…and some ARMYs wondered what RM told the other members about the game.

The moral of this story? What happened in BTS Universe Story doesn’t stay in BTS Universe Story. Luckily for fan-writers, RM eventually logged off the game…

I’m bad at choosing things like this… [logging off] for today.

— RM