BTS’s RM Explains How “Boy In Luv” Grew Up To Be “Boy With Luv”

He compared the two songs in a new interview.

BTS‘s RM recently discussed the connection between BTS’s 2014 hit “Boy In Luv” and its 2019 sequel, “Boy With Luv”.


“Boy With Luv”, featuring Hasley, is the title track for BTS’s new album of MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona. On April 12, BTS gave an in-studio, radio interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. During the show, RM talked about how BTS’s definition of “love” has changed as they’ve grown older, and how “Boy With Luv” reflects this.


“If you become a BTS fan, if you become a BTS ARMY,” he began, “you’ll find out what this song is really about. In 2014, we released a song called “Boy In Luv” and that’s about a young love, a teen love.”


“This time, we grew up and we sing about what the true love is. It comes from tiny, little things.”


“We wonder what your day is. We wonder what you eat. We wonder what you’re doing right now. How you guys spend your day.”


“That’s what we found what love’s about. It’s about love.” 


Check out BTS’s full interview with Elvis Duran here: