BTS RM’s Family Just Got A Little Bigger Thanks To One ARMY Donation

ARMYs are excited to meet the new addition!

ARMYs know that BTS‘s RM would make a great father. In fact, they are so convinced that they helped him adopt at least six “kids” in the past and just helped him to add one more member to the family!


Last year, Korean ARMYs donated to the World Wildlife Fund and adopted five whales including a beluga whale, two blue whales, a humpback whale, and a narwhale for RM’s birthday.


While five whale children would have already made RM smile wide, ARMYs still weren’t done. Knowing that he loves crabs…


They helped RM adopt Kenny the coconut crab at the San Deigo Zoo!


Fans fell in love with Kenny and thought it was perfect that RM was now the father of this handsome crab.


But ARMYs recently revealed one more trick up their sleeves. Now not only is RM father to five whales and a cute crab, but he’s the proud dad of Koya the koala!


If the name sounds familiar you’re probably thinking of another cute koala by the same name created by RM!


Which is why fans decided it would be perfect for BTS’s fearless leader to now have an adorable koala in his care.


And adorable she is!


Koya is an 8-month-old koala who lives at Brisbane’s Australian Zoo.


Although she’s a little bit too young for visitors yet, ARMYs are already planning on giving her a visit and spoiling her!


Fans are also hoping that RM hears about the good news soon so that he knows there’s a new addition to his family!

Source: @jooyaproject