BTS’s RM Is Growing More Confident, And We Love To See It

✨That’s on growth!✨

Being a part of the biggest music group in the world… One would assume that BTS‘s members are all confident, free from insecurities.

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However, that’s far from the case. Leader RM especially has been vulnerable and shared his personal insecurities many times. His true feelings are often reflected in his songwriting. Hence the masterpieces that are the Love Yourself series and his solo mixtape mono.

“forever rain” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Especially in the early days when BTS first debuted, RM was insecure regarding his overall vibe and appearance. He went by “Rap Monster” back then to seem “stronger” than he was. He also wore sunglasses to help conceal his face.

I thought if I wore sunglasses and did my hair a certain way, I would look more powerful. I kept thinking ‘I can’t lose’ but it only made me more tired, anxious, worrisome, and I couldn’t correct my mistakes. But now, I don’t have that much anger—thanks to all of you for telling me good things and making me into a better person.

— RM

BTS’s RM during “No More Dream” era | HYBE

To say RM has had growth since the days of “No More Dream” is an understatement. He no longer feels the need to cover his face or hide in the dark. Instead, he freely lives, unafraid to show who he really is. When he officially changed from “Rap Monster” to “RM,” he emphasized that the acronym actually stands for “Real Me” rather than the original name.

His confidence today continually comes through in everything he does, whether it’s promotions or during a live broadcast with members. In BTS’s recent commercial for Samsung as a brand ambassador, RM couldn’t help but let his true colors shine through! ARMYs were impressed with the video and left compliments on Weverse.

Done like a true professional model👍


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Surprisingly, RM ended up responding and was shocked to see what he looked like in the commercial. But, like the rest of us, he was actually quite impressed!

What the… Is that what I’m doing in that commercial?

Wowee… I really winged that one.

— RM

| Weverse

On the same day, he responded to another post made by an ARMY. They had asked what we all think about and wonder…

WOW why are you so good looking?


| Weverse

While some might get flustered to answer such a question, RM wasn’t! He left a cheeky reply that was quite simple but the perfect explanation.

Because… that is who Namjoon is… (Wink)

— RM

| Weverse

His response is not only great because it’s showing RM’s confidence but because his humorous side is also coming out. He was attempting to imitate a popular meme in South Korea based on the Japanese politician Shinjirō Koizumi who once said, “I’ll keep it… because that is what a promise is.”

RM’s growth is more than admirable; it’s inspiring! We love to see him being unapologetically himself.

Source: Weverse