This Tiny Detail In BTS’s “I’m Fine” Dance Might Break Your Heart

This small but powerful moment will make you feel things.

BTS‘s complex choreographies are full of small, meaningful details, and “I’m Fine” is no exception.


“I’m Fine”, like many BTS songs, is about overcoming adversity. It’s about reaching through the darkness to “see the sunshine” again, no matter how many times you’re pulled back into shadow.


Throughout the “I’m Fine” choreography, each movement flows from one member to the next, linking them. There’s a strong focus on that connection from start to finish, but one particular detail shows it in an extremely powerful way.


At the end of “I’m Fine”, the members turn to face RM. At first, some viewers thought RM had accidentally faced the wrong way, but this isn’t so.


Fans now believe the members are facing their leader because he’s the one they depend on the most to hold them together and guide them through their strife.


Check out BTS’s live stage of “I’m Fine” here.