YouTuber Jenna Marbles Expresses Admiration For BTS’s RM

She discussed RM’s unique role as BTS’s friend and translator on the red carpet.

YouTuber Jenna Marbles recently praised BTS‘s RM for his communication skills, leadership, and compassion for his members.


In the March 25 behind the scenes video for Podcast #222, Jenna mentioned an interview from BTS’s red carpet appearance at “the Grammys, or some other award show”. When she had first seen it, she’d written a note about RM.

I’m pretty sure it’s [RM] of BTS, I had written, “has really astoundingly good English and that’s really cool”

— RM


As a famous YouTuber, Jenna has attended similar events herself, she was able to see BTS’s red carpet situation from an insider’s perspective. She expressed how “terrifying” it must be for BTS to face that situation while dealing with a language barrier.

You [Julien] know how hectic and awards show can be in the first place. You’re in another country and there’s all these media interview people that you don’t know, you don’t watch their shows, you don’t know what the h*ll’s f**king happening, there’s sensory f**king overload, it’s really loud, and your English is only, like, okay at best. It’s just f**king terrifying. Is this person saying something mean to me? Are they being disrespectful towards me? Like, I don’t f**king know, because I only know conversational Japanese.

— Jenna Marbles


Even though Jenna is not as familiar with BTS as ARMY is, she was able to see RM ‘s admirable qualities, including his ability to guide his members through foreign interviews.

[RM] has really, really, really good English, and you could just tell how much more comfortable it made all of them feel…It just was f**king amazing. He would step in or sort of reassure whoever’s speaking, help them finish their sentence, help them clarify. That’s so f**king rad.

— Jenna Marbles


She talked about how many stars who face language barriers, like some UFC athletes, have to rely on translators, who they don’t know personally. She feels that having RM as BTS’s personal translator makes all the difference to his members.

To have someone that you trust, that has your back, and help you do that. And to know that no one’s talking down to you or doing anything like that.

— Jenna Marbles


Julien noted how the extraordinary ability to bypass language barriers the way RM does can be easily overlooked in an award show setting. “It’s a really cool skill that adds a level of emotional safety,” he said.


Jenna added to this, by talking about how RM looks out for BTS on an emotional level, which is something the average translator does not necessarily do.

[Imagine] the people in BTS, or in any group that doesn’t speak English, and one of those boys is your son, and that boy is at the whim of their manager, or their agent. It’s all business, that’s their job, but I in my heart of hearts want to make sure someone’s looking out for him on an emotional level. Is he okay? How is he doing? And that’s what [RM] was doing in that interview, and he seems like he does it a lot.

— Jenna Marbles


For more, check out the whole video here.