BTS’ RM Reveals J-Hopes Mixtape Is Even Better Than His

BTS‘s RM held a solo broadcast last night, reflecting on 2017 and talking 2018 plans with ARMY. He revealed that the members spent the first few hours of 2018 enjoying a few drinks and KBBQ until 4 or 5 in the morning.

He then went on to talk all about his collaboration with Fall Out Boy and how it came to be.

I think they heard my collaboration “Change” with Wale and the lyrics relate to “Champion”. They pointed me out, picked me to feature as a rapper on their song. It was such a honor, because Fall Out Boy is so well known. I do like the band’s songs… I loved the cynical yet hopeful lyrics.”

— RM on his collab with Fall Out Boy

The song debuted at No.18 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, accounted for 1.2 million streams, and also saw RM making his debut on the Emerging Artists chart and the Rock Digital Song Sales Chart.

Fans were beyond thrilled to hear that Fall Out Boy’s team were the ones to reach out to RM’s camp first.

RM also revealed that there are a lot of collaborations in the works for the other members as well, and to anticipate them in 2018.

He also talked about J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape, affectionately called HIXTAPE by ARMY.

“I’ve heard Hobi’s (J-Hope’s) mixtape tracks. To be honest, I thought his tracks’ quality were higher than my mixtapes.


The high compliments about J-Hope’s long-awaited mixtape had ARMY freaking out.

He also let fans know he spent the first day of 2018 at home in Ilsan watching a movie with his family and enjoying the light festival at Ilsan Lake Park.

He spent the rest of the broadcast talking about their new puppy Yeontan, their outfits for the year-end music shows, and the recent incident with Suga and the broken chair, which had all of ARMY ringing in the New Year with a good laugh.


Source: Billboard