BTS’s RM Reveals One Of Jin’s Characteristics He Envies, And We Can’t Blame Him

Jin has inspired RM…

BTS‘s RM has been working out a lot lately.

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The BTS leader had previously revealed that it was his goal since 2019 to work out more. Two years later, he has kept at it and has shared about fitness in his recent live broadcasts.

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While he is modest about his physical development and claims that it’s not been that “dramatic,” behind-the-scenes footage tells a different story. ARMYs and his members also agree that he’s gotten quite big.

2021 Muster Sowoozoo

While RM has previously said his reason for working it out is to “dance more powerfully,” he may have just revealed another reason behind his workouts.

Recently, RM was active on Weverse and was responding to ARMYs’ posts. One ARMY asked him if he had done anything fun earlier that day.

Namjoon-oppa did you do anything fun today?


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He said that he enjoyed his workout earlier, in which he focused on his shoulders. He commented again, explaining that one of the members has been a source of inspiration for his workouts. RM hopes to “be like Jin by working out his shoulders.

I worked out my shoulders today, that was fun… Jin. I want to be like Jin.

— RM

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It’s hard not to envy “Worldwide Handsome,” especially regarding his “worldwide shoulders.” We definitely can’t blame RM!

Jin cooking | BANGTAN BLOG

Like, seriously, Jin gives Captain America quite some competition when it comes to having wide shoulders and a small waist. He’s got that “Dorito” shape on lock.

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And, if RM wants to have wide shoulders, too, we certainly don’t discourage him. We love to see how exercising has helped increase his confidence! Jin also seems like he’d be a great workout buddy.

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