BTS’s RM Proves to Be the Definition of Modesty in a Live Broadcast

A fan thanked him for being such an amazing leader, and his response was too admirable for words.

In recent days, RM‘s response to a fan praising him for being a good leader has resurfaced in various online communities and social media.

Last year, BTS‘s RM had a live broadcast in order to communicate and chat with his beloved fans. But in the midst of their casual chitchat, a fan gave RM an uplifting compliment.

This fan said, “Thank you for being such an amazing leader.” This was the best compliment a leader could hear for being the example and influence of multiple members, but the response he gave was all too modest.

RM’s response was, “I’m not an amazing leader. It’s my fellow members who are shaping me to become a great leader.

RM has expressed his love for his fellow members in past broadcasts and interviews. At a concert back in 2017, he expressed his sincere feelings by saying, “You can’t find 6 such amazing members anywhere else. They believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself, and still call me their leader… I love them and feel so thankful.

This kind of modesty might very well be one of the reasons why BTS is so loved and admired by fans all over the world.

Source: Insight