RM Made A Cheesy Pun During BTS’s Fort Worth Concert And Some Fans Are Baffled

Jin’s dad jokes are clearly rubbing off on RM.

BTS is making their way across the US with their “Love Yourself” tour, performing two concerts in Fort Worth over the weekend.


Not surprisingly, the members blew ARMYs away with their talent and flawless performance, as well as their dorkiness and silliness.


Jungkook joined V in his “shoot dance”…


And Jimin flashed his abs, thanks to Jungkook!


ARMYs are laughing at RM, who made a cute pun that had some fans guffawing and others scratching their heads.


RM told the audience, “I know you’re gonna hate this but I gotta do this.Yo. We’re in Fort Worth and you guys are my first worth.


He cracked up laughing at his own joke, and then got serious, thanking fans for the memories.


Some ARMYs got the pun right away.


While others needed a bit of help.


But there was also some uncertainty over whether RM said “first one” or “first worth”.


RM has clearly been taking stock of Jin‘s dad jokes and puns.


RM had also made a pun during their first concert about Forth Worth being “worth it”.


Fans can’t help but fall in love with RM all over again!