BTS Shares What They’ve Learned From Working With Worldwide Artists And What Kind Of Artist They Would Like To Become

The power of music is real.

A recent interview regarding BTS’s new Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7~The Journey~, was released online as members expressed their thoughts about their careers, what the members mean to them, and what they hope for the future. Let’s see what they’ve learned from working with other influential artists.


We were so grateful and honored to have worked with artists that we dreamed of working with when we were young. Through this process we were able to feel a sense of pride. It made us think that we were someone good enough that had good music, performances and contents that made others want to reach out to us. I think this was a factor that helped us grow our self-esteem.


It’s already so interesting to be able to have these amazing artists’ voices and our voices be heard together in a song for a few minutes and we are grateful. It was amazing to be able to meet artists that we grew up listening to.


It was the greatest realization that we can work with good people regardless of appearance, race or nationality.


It made me realize that there are so many different people in the world.


It allowed us to once again feel how great the power of music really is. We were able to communicate and become one despite the language and culture barrier and we felt that we were playing a big role in that. This became a good memory to me.

They were also asked what kind of artist they wanted to become.


There are a lot of situations or parts of people that I get inspiration from. It can be music or dance and I’ve been able to grow through these people’s influences.


It’s more of an admiration rather than wanting to become like someone. Whenever I saw people who really enjoyed the stage, people who didn’t focus on the camera or the audience but rather truly enjoyed their performance, I thought that I wanted to be like them.


Honestly, there were a lot of people that admired but there wasn’t a specific someone that I wanted to be like. We were able to work hard because after we became really good, we planned out our performances and worked really hard thinking of our fans. So, we didn’t have a specific person in mind while practicing.

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Source: theqoo