BTS’s Jimin Created An Alter Ego With A Detailed Backstory 

Name, family history, business – he has it all covered.

If you think this is a photo of Jimin, you couldn’t be more wrong. This handsome man looks identical to Jimin, but he’s not Jimin. Really.

During the shoot for BTS‘s Map of the Soul: 7 concept photos (Version 3), J-Hope kicked off an improv acting session. Jimin introduced himself as “J-Min” from the “House of Alex”.

“I’m of the House of Alex,” Jimin continued. “except my name isn’t Alex. The full name is Alex Armanto J-Min.” Ooo! Fancy.

Just then, Alex Armanto J-Min’s younger brother walked in. His name? Alex Armanto JK, of course.

The House of Alex’s family business is the cultivation and distribution of tomatoes that will make your skin “radiant for three full seasons”. Alex Armanto J-Hope cracked up, loving Alex Armanto J-Min’s storytelling.

Fun fact: Alex Armanto J-Min looks suave, but he’s actually a klutz. He accidentally broke this Alex Armanto cup, then told his “brother”, “I wanted to prove it was made of pure gold.” 

Here are a few more facts about the House of Alex. All the family members are magnificently good-looking…

…the House has a long and illustrious history, and their emblem is a moon.

See more of J-Min and his Alex Armanto brothers here: