BTS Shows Concern For Red Velvet During Freezing Outdoor Performance

Their energy is totally contagious even in sub-zero temperatures.

On January 1st Red Velvet and BTS were celebrating the new year with MBC Gayo Daejejeon. The temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius, shown by their visible breath in the video.

Red Velvet seemed very uncomfortable with their lack of proper winter clothing but they toughed it out by huddling together. Wendy showed a motherly side, rubbing and holding Seulgi and Irene, who seemed the most bothered by the cold.

Despite the freezing temperature, BTS showed their normal energetic personalities and were happily dancing around waiting for the countdown. While they did jump around a bit to warm up, their grooving got the attention of the Red Velvet members.

With the end of the countdown and start of a new year, both groups went in for a hug and began to dance. BTS’s dancing went to a whole new level as then continued on after Red Velvet had already stopped and thanked the host. The boys jumped around showing their excitement. All of Red Velvet stopped what they were doing in order to peek over the host and watch BTS’s hilarious performance. Wendy clapped when she caught sight and Irene was in complete shock for a moment before covering her face to laugh.

In the end, Joy danced too before all the groups took their leave from the stage.

See the video below, the countdown begin at 4:26.