BTS Shows Their Respect And Commemorate The Passing Of Thailand’s King

BTS paid their respects to the late Thailand King Bhumibol by wearing black ribbons during their recent appearance at Bricks Live Cafe.

BTS, currently on their tour Live Trilogy Episode III The WINGS, have made their way to Bangkok, Thailand during the day of honor for King Bhumibol’s who passed away this past October.

BTS at Brick Live Cafe

In Thailand, wearing black and white became an alternative way to mourn the loss of King Bhumibol.

Although it’s not required for anyone in Thailand to wear black and white on that day, many find it important to wear one if not both of those colors.

Their presence alone was an event Source: Trends Map
Brick Live Cafe was crowded with fans and cameras

BTS respected the day of mourning for the people and wore black ribbons in order to show their respect. Fans have had their hearts touch by BTS humble act while keeping to their busy schedule.

BTS is towards the end of their Live Trilogy tour with five more countries and have completed two concerts in Thailand.