BTS Suga Challenges His Fans To Bring Weird Gifts, Here’s What They Brought

Suga challenged ARMY fans at a BTS fan meeting and said “I know you guys buy these cutesie headbands from dollaramas, can you go buy something more creative or weird?” 

ARMY accepted the challenge and here is what BTS got from them ever since.

RM is the Pharaoh the ruler of the sun and the morning star of Egypt.

V got a Buddha mask and he is loving it, he just wouldn’t take it off during the whole fanmeet.

Don’t give in!!! Don’t look into Medusa’s eyes or you will become a stone!

Everyone’s sunshine J-hope makes rainbows with his bright light.

BTS and ARMY just have such great chemistry and relationship, even other fandoms love their funny interactions.

Source: Dispatch