BTS’s Suga Clowned Fans For 2 Years Straight, But Now The Secret’s Out

The truth behind his mysterious photos has finally been revealed.

BTS fans have discovered something about Suga that’s throwing them for a loop!

In 2017, fans spotted Suga in a university stairwell, carrying an armful of books.

At the time, many fans assumed he was continuing his education on the side, despite his insanely busy schedule.

For two years, these photos remained a mystery, but BTS’s mobile game, BTS WORLD, has finally solved it! In the game, each member has his own fictionalized plotline. “Musical genius” Suga is a piano major at the Music Academy.

These in-game screenshots show Suga wearing the exact same outfit he wore in fans’ 2017 photos. It turns out that Suga wasn’t attending classes; he was shooting clips for BTS WORLD!

The joke’s on ARMY, but they’re loving it!

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