BTS Suga Contacted GroovyRoom And Fans Are Convinced A Collab Is In The Works

BTS’s Suga contacted GroovyRoom to compliment their latest works.

A small hint from two popular producers raised speculations that a collaboration with BTS Suga is in the works! 


A short update from Gyujeong and Hwimin, the production duo known as GroovyRoom, revealed that they have recently been contacted by a world star named Suga!

“Even a world star contacted us. BTS’s Suga contacted us and told us that we’re cool.” — Hwimin


The mere mention caused quite a speculation, leading others to speculate on a possible collaboration. 


GroovyRoom has been producing since 2010. Although they initially started from the independent music scene, the duo has recently been working with idols and and was even launched under Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone’s label, H1GHR Music Records. 


If in doubt, many will recognise their catchy phrase “Groovy Everywhere” on their tracks with Jay Park, Mad Clown and more. 


Will the next “Groovy Everywhere” track be Suga’s?