BTS’s Suga Isn’t Afraid Of A Little Shameless Self-Promotion

After all, “SUGA’s Interlude” is that song.

During an interview at Jingle Ball, JoJo Wright asked BTS what artists they were listening to lately.


Upon hearing the question, Suga couldn’t pass up the chance for a bit of self-promotion.

Jimin tackled the question first by naming American artist Pink Sweat$ and his song “Call Me”.

RM chose American singer Summer Walker while Jungkook named Irish singer Talos. Suga was so prepared for the question that he didn’t even wait for his chance to answer.

He snatched up the microphone from RM. Instead of choosing another artist or naming a BTS song, Suga plugged his own song with Halsey, “SUGA’s Interlude.”

The confident and nonchalant way he said it had RM, J-Hope, and JoJo cracking up, with Jimin and Jin sporting smiles.

Suga doesn’t mind promoting himself, even if the song is doing very well all by itself. See him confidently promote his collaboration with their friend Halsey here.