Marry Me, Suga? BTS’s RM Proposes A Way To End All Proposals 

This just might work…

Suga, marry me!” What started as a proposal has become a running joke among BTS‘s fans and the members themselves.

Left to right: Suga, RM, and Jin

BTS receives many marriage proposals, and each member has a different way of handling them. Fans, however, love to pop the question to Suga every single chance they get!

Whenever BTS hosts a live broadcast, fans flood the comment section with, “Suga, marry me,” “Marry me, Yoongi,” and other variations of the much-memed quote. Sometimes, Suga isn’t even around when fans propose! Jin has seen “marry me” comments for Suga during his own solo broadcasts.

Left to right: RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Jin, Jimin, and Suga.

During BTS’s post-GRAMMYs broadcast, more marriage proposals for Suga rolled in. His members, of course, just had to tease him. “You should just get married!” Jimin declared.

Wait, a minute. could be on to something. What if the same ARMY has been proposing to Suga over and over again?

In that case, RM has the perfect solution. “Just marry that fan,” he told Suga. Problem solved!

Who would like to volunteer?