Suga Reveals One Of His Mixtape Tracks Was Originally Meant For Jimin’s Solo

It would’ve sounded completely different.

The response to BTS‘s Suga‘s latest mixtape D-2 under his alter ego Agust D has been even more positive than his first. The album quickly broke records, despite one track receiving some pushback regarding a controversial sample.

In one of his recent live broadcasts, Suga revealed that one of the most loved tracks on the album hadn’t initially been for himself but Jimin.

That track had been “People”. After playing it for fans, Suga revealed that it was a track that had been made a long time ago, along with “Honsool”.

It was created with the intention of being a solo song for one of their albums, “Among the beats here, ‘Honsool’ and ‘People’ are the oldest ones. I still remember that it’s when we were making solo songs for our album.”

While some fans might’ve thought it was a pick for their album, Love Yourself: Answer, it had been made long during the production of Wings that housed their hit “Blood, Sweat & Tears”.

It was one of the tracks he’d been making for one of his members, “I mean, when we were making solo songs before ‘Seesaw’. That is, when we were making ‘First Love’. I was making some beats for others.”

Trying to think back to who he’d had in mind when making it, Suga remembered it was for their lead vocalist, “And, this is what I made at that time. I think it was for Jimin.”

Suga’s one-of-a-kind singing and smooth rap paired with the female vocals make “People” the fan-favorite that it is. If Jimin sang the track, it would have a completely different feel. Maybe he’ll treat fans by putting his own twist on it for a cover.

With their decision to go with “Lie” as the solo track and how iconic it became, it definitely was a better fit at the time for Jimin.

Listen to Suga reveal how “People” made its way from 2016 to become the hit that it is now, starting at 48:53.