BTS Talks About The Hard Work Behind The Scenes At GRAMMY U Sound Checks In Chicago

“BTS never sleeps”

The GRAMMY U is a special program headed by the Recording Academy, the same academy that hosts the annual Grammy Awards.

The GRAMMY U program provides aspiring professionals with the tools and opportunities necessary to start a career in music.

On May 12, BTS was a special guest at Chicago’s GRAMMY U program, where they shared the details on all of the hard work that goes into making their performances seem so effortless.

BTS never sleeps… We work around the clock, and technology has developed that allows us to collaborate with people around the world.

— RM

GRAMMY U mission is to celebrate music’s future–and it was only fitting that students were given access to BTS, one of the most groundbreaking artists of today.

BTS has been defined as a group that strives to redefine the way artists interacts with their fans and brings their music to life.

Our music and performance receiving so much love from so many people around the world is proof that the language and borderlines in music are diminishing, and we hope that we can continue to remove those barriers… We always try to communicate with the audience on stage. Although the venue has grown in scale, we will continue to pour our passion and energy as we always do.

— RM

GRAMMY U students noted the big difference between international markets, and were curious about BTS’s experience in breaking into the American music scene. While BTS is the biggest group in Korea by far, they made clear their intentions to focus solely on themselves.

We aren’t the representatives for K-Pop… We can’t define or say what it is, but these days, thanks to social media and fans, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to share our words with the world.

— RM

When asked about the comparisons to The Beatles, RM was humble, and honest.

It’s such a great honour to be mentioned alongside The Beatles, but BTS is just BTS.

— RM

Another major difference was the ways which labels work and the very size of the entertainment industry itself. In the U.S., there are many discrete teams that interact and work with each other. In comparison, the K-Pop industry focuses on huge entertainment agencies like Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS and TXT.

I think this is quite interesting: In Korea, there’s a big label that gets young talent and they help bring everything together for them… It’s like a year-round song camp.

— RM

Despite this, RM stressed the importance of communication as the key that makes or breaks a performance.

Each artist has their own preferences and pace, and each sound engineer has their own sphere of artistry,” RM said. “Every venue is different, so we sit down and meet with engineers and make sure we communicate. The most important thing is to be sensitive.

— RM

Source: GRAMMY U